Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alicia Sacramone

Hey guys,

I'm not sure if any of you guys watch the gymnastics portion of the Olympics and one gymnast in particular was quite a site, Alicia Sacramone.

Unlike just about every other female gymnast, Alicia wasn't a little girl, she was a woman, with a very strong looking body. From her shoulders to her neck she could be mistaken for a linebacker, I've never seen a gymnast with a neck as thick as her!

While her Olympics didn't go so well, she's still a great personality. And one of my favorite athletes from the past games. Lets hope once her gymnastics career is over she'll continue to train to achieve her full potential in something like fitness or bodybuilding.

beauty to go with that brawn

Her neck is as big as my thigh!

Now if all that wasn't enough, check out this clip i found of her knocking some dude out. Watch his head snap!

Female bodybuilder video page Click Here!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beijing blow out...

Hey guys,

This is a week late i know (having severe computer issues!) but here are my recaps of the olympics.
First off bronze in Beijing! My friend Tonya came home with another medal, this time it was bronze. She won it in the 55kg class. So a big congratulations goes out to her!

Here are some other beautiful bodies that were on display!

The stunning Darra Torres!

Okka Rau, from Germany, and really I could put just about any female volleyball player!

Katalin Kovács, Hungry- check out the guns!

Italian Volleyball player Francesca Piccinini

Hrysopiyi Devetzi, amazing abs!

Jessica Zelinka

Maria Abakumova, 5'10 176lbs! Imagine if she was trying to get big!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey everyone.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been glued to the Olympic coverage. So much to talk about, it's muscle girls all over the place! Where to start?

First of even the 48kg (105 pounders) are strong as ox's! Chen Xiexia from China who weighed just under 105 pounds pressed over 250pounds over her head, insane! Infact China had many powerful lifters. Some them have a lot of muscle!

Yanqing Chen 58kg (127pounds) of muscle!

Lei Cao, weighed 165lbs and lifted almost 350 pounds! She is a beast unfortunately couldn't find a better picture. She has some wide shoulders on her!

Is it me or is there something about Asian female muscle? I remember when I was in highschool I saw a flex magazone with a photo spread of Leilani Dalumpines looking big and buff in the offseason, and was absolutley in love!
Here she is if you're not familiar with her.

Maybe it's the perception that they are suppose to be small and delicate, let me know what you guys think.

And here are some more asian muscle girls!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Who's that girl?

Ok for those that guessed it was Maria Mikola...you were correct!

I'm friends with her twin sister. She was in town for the weekend so I had to make sure I gave them a visit.

However lets back track. The first time I met Maria, was a about 5-6 years ago at the gym. She was probably a couple weeks out from a show, so she looked great. She wanted to practise some posing so i had to check her out. and I even had a pose down with her!

And considering she was very lean her arms was still bigger than mine! And remember she competes in drug tested events so it's all the much more impressive!

Anyways this past weekend we again met up at the gym. And she was training triceps, so I for some stupid reason decided to work out with her. And man she kicked my ass! I have about 11inches and 35 pounds on her but it didn't matter!

We did 4 exercises and she out performed me in all of them. I neede dto lower the weight, however she wouldn't let me. It took a week for the pain to go away! Now i know why her arms are so big!

She said her bench is up to 235lbs...rememebr she only weight about 145.

Here's a picture of her and her sister. (sorry about the quality it was taken on my cell phone.) As you can see the muscle runs in the family. Her sister barely works out!

Here are some clips of her..

Monday, July 28, 2008

quick stop in...

Hey guys sorry it's been so long.

However you'll be happy to know that i have some exciting news. A friend of mine is sisters with a pro-bodybuilder. And I had the oppotunity to have a work out with her. Let me just say it was quite humbling!

I have some pictures as well so check back within the next couple days (when i've hopefully recovered from the work out!) and i should have some pictures posted along with the story of what went down.

Here's a preview of who it is...5 points to anyone guess who's back this is?

When i saw her on the weekend she wasn't this lean but man was she strong!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tape the Montell Williams show Friday July 4th!

Colette, Cheri, Vicki, Shelly, and Nicole Bass will be on the show

check out the clip on the page...